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Obama in Baltimore

Last Tuesday was a very exciting day for Maryland as President Barack Obama came to Baltimore to rally supporters. I had the honor of meeting the President before he spoke to hundreds of excited Marylanders and encouraged him to keeping fighting for our country’s future . Governor O’Malley, Sen. Cardin, Sen. Mikulski, Congressman Cummings and Mayor Rawlings Blake were all on hand to warm up the crowd before President Obama took the stage. We are all aware of the challenges President Obama faced the minute he was sworn into office; however, under his leadership the economy is on the rebound, the war in Iraq is over and Osama Bind Ladin is dead, the American auto-industry was saved, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed, and more than 3 million young people have gained health coverage due to the Affordable Care Act. ┬áNow is the time for all of us who support the President and support his policies to do everything we can to make sure he is reelected this fall.

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