From the day he took office as County Executive, Ken wanted to focus on preserving the natural beauty of Howard County and protecting the environment. Ken has lived up to that promise with the following:

  • Created the Office of Environmental Sustainability to provide ongoing support for green efforts in the county
  • Submitted legislation that provides minimum standards and tax incentives for commercial buildings built to “green” specifications
  • Signed the U.S. Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement- the second Maryland county leader to do so
  • Initiated a Climate Action Plan to reduce the county’s carbon footprint and save on energy use
  • Implemented recycling program which 95% of residents participated in and has saved the county $500,000
  • Installed solar panels on the East Columbia library with an interactive informational display to teach residents how alternative energy sources can benefit the environment and save money
  • Established a Green Business Council to help support and promote economic development and job creation in the green sector
  • Began converting the county fleet to hybrid vehicles – the largest fleet of hybrid vehicles in the state, resulting in fuel savings of tens of thousands of dollars annually

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