Public Safety

Every community strives to improve the quality of life for its residents by enhancing public safety. Since day one, Ken has made everything from proactive policing to road and pedestrian safety to emergency services top priorities. He has demonstrated his commitment to strengthening public safety by:

  • Adding over 50 police officers to the force to engage in proactive community policing
  • Increasing the number of 911 operators and improving communications systems, actions that have reduced average emergency response times by one minute
  • Developing a plan to build 2 new fire stations – the first new fire facilities in the county since 1994
  • Establishing a Domestic Violence Unit within the Howard County Police Department and partnering with the Domestic Violence Center to ensure victims receive the assistance they deserve in the time of crisis
  • Forming a Repeat Offenders Proactive Enforcement Unit (ROPE) to monitor the small number of criminals who create disproportionate crime in our community
  • Implementing sobriety checkpoints to help reduce the number of fatalities caused by drunk driving
  • Establishing satellite offices throughout the Columbia Village Centers
  • Establishing a partnership between Howard County Police Department and the
    Columbia Association to raise awareness about local safety issues and encourage crime prevention
  • Deterring youth crime/gang involvement through the mobile Community Athletic Program and the Youth Police Academy

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